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Updated: Notational Velocity has included Simplenote sync as of 2.0b2

Simplenote is a note taking web app and iPhone app. Notes created are sync to the cloud.

Recently, the iPhone app changed from being a paid app to a free app. However, the free app now supports ads. Premium members and previous buyers of the app will have the option of turning the ads off.

Simplenote as it’s name would suggest is a minimalistic approach to note taking. There are no fancy note paper or marker felt fonts. Note titles are based on your first line of text in the note.

Premium users getting the benefits of automated backups, unlimited API calls, create by email, rss feeds, premium support, ad free, early access to new features.

Desktop Apps

Nottingham is very similar to Notational Velocity but it includes native syncing to Simplenote. To create more than 10 notes, you can register the app for US$14.95. Some have been known to face some problems with syncing with Simplenote so please try before you purchase the app. Tyler, the developer, is already aware of this issue so expect this issue to be resolved soon. I really like the ability to colour-code your notes much like the files in finder.

Dashnote is a side project developed by Resen Corp. This is a dashboard widget instead of an app like the other two. This is definitely the most beautiful app out of the three. However, the lack of off-line note creation is really a bummer.

Justnotes runs in the menu bar and works great though it is still in beta. It is freeware but donations are greatly appreciated. Great point to note is the ability to email notes right from the app.

Notational Velocity has been the choice desktop app for note-taking and it used to require a hack to sync notes with Simplenote. With the latest update, Simplenote sync has been built into the app. NV in my opinion has the best implementation of Simplenote. With the ability to undo deleted notes, merge/replace notes during sync, NV will be a tough app to beat especially with it being freeware.


Ever wondered what happens when type designers get a new font? Discovering that new font could be such a gratifying experience that the heavens open and rainbows appear. This is one example of how type designers celebrate fonts. Sometimes.

Very interesting take on an effort to improve something we always take for granted. Putting up with horrible designs of the boarding pass and inefficient communication of information. If boarding passes were easier to understand, you won’t need to hire people to help passengers interpret them anymore. I guess the airlines didn’t think of that point, did they.

Redesigning the Boarding Pass

Have you wondered what are the names of those ASCII symbols? Ever got confused between a slash and a back slash? Here’s the solution to your problem. Definitely one to bookmark if you often run into the need to pronounce them.

ASCII Pronunciation Guide

Happy New Year to everyone! Its finally 2010 and the most hectic season of the year is finally over. Though I ended the year with a heavy heart. I’m going to make it a point to finish this post before I hit the sack.

2009 has been a very interesting year with a change of environment and new responsibilities. New friends, new work, and brand new experiences. December has been a huge rush with all the events piling up and work weighing down on me. The year has flown by and I’m already starting to miss it a little. Not trying to get stuck in the past, I’m setting down some resolutions to keep my 2010 in check:

  1. Be more efficient with work. Work has definitely taken a huge toll on me and everything has been piling up. I need to be more efficient and quick about things to keep the ball rolling. 2010 looks like a good thing to make sure it flows smoothly to the outbox.
  2. Take up a new skill.Its high time I stopped doing boring stuff and learn a new trick. It would be great to take up a sport or course to keep things fresh for me. I think I’ve been staring at my laptop too much and losing my life.
  3. Dress better.People have been commenting that I don’t dress my age or I seem sloppy. New year, new clothes. Time to clean up my wardrobe and give it a new lease of life. Looks like a trip down fashion street is in order.

These 3 points would already be a tall order for me and I hope I can keep to them. What’s your new year resolutions, feel free to comment below and share some of them.

For those who have been putting off Tap Tap Revenge 3 and sticking to Tap Tap Revenge 2 like me, now is the time to move on. Tap Tap Revenge is now free and has some bonus tracks free for one week only. It seems like the servers are experiencing high traffic as its taking minutes to log into my account. The new app interface is really nice but it seems to be logging into the server more frequently so it is starting to feel quite sluggish.

There is a new coin system which is a convert from points in Tap Tap Revenge 2 and credits can be earned by taking offers and installing other applications to buy music. One feature i really like is the need to unlock music by levelling up. However, I believe this can be done offline. The current system only lets you download the song after you reach a level. Which means, depending on where you are, you have to wait to download the next song. Being able to download first and unlock on the system would make this feature so much more popular.

Going to start up the app and try to download some tracks for the next few days.

Appvent Calendar for free iPhone GamesHo ho ho! Christmas is coming and you’ll be needing lots of presents for others. BlackSmithGames is starting the giving season early with the Appvent Calendar to help stock up your iPhone/iPod Touch for the festive season. The big idea is to have a free iPhone/iPod Touch game for each day leading up to Christmas. Noting that each game is only made free for 24 hours, it is best to follow it on Twitter or religiously check the page every day.

The first few games have definitely impressed me with their quality. These are not random, make-you-regret-you-downloaded-them, taking-up-space-on-my-screen games. They would definitely be staying on my iPod for awhile, at least most of them. Do yourself a favour and get them while you can.