Ramp Champ: Step Right Up


I have been putting Ramp Champ on hold for a long time and was a little sceptical of it. With the update of Ramp Champ to version 1.1. IconFactory and DS MediaLabs decided to make it free until midnight e.s.t Monday, December 7th, complete with its four default ramps.

Yesterday, I downloaded Ramp Champ and have been addicted to it since. It is definitely a game that would be unique to the iPhone/iPod Touch and makes the device much more enjoyable. It is very iPhone-like and brings back memories of playing the actual games at fairs and arcades. It can be very frustrating when you can’t get the ball where you want and find it hard to put your iPhone/iPod Touch down.

Being an Iconfactory product, the graphics are beautifully designed. The physics engine is well done, although I sometimes deny my misses due to poor skills, and gameplay is engaging. You are also able to play you music collection while the game is running. However, it is noted on the site to disable sounds for smoother gameplay.

The aim of the game is to complete the goals given for each ramp and collect tickets to exchange for prizes. Every 500 points awards you with 1 ticket. The ticket idea certainly got my friends going when they saw it.

The game comes with 4 ramps with the ability to do in-app purchases of 4 more add-on packs with 2 ramp each.


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