MacHeist nanoBundle Released


MacHeist has released a nanoBundle to keep us occupied till MacHeist 4 which probably won’t happen till quite a few more months. Till then, you will have the nanoBundle to keep you busy. Drop by MacHeist to pick up the licenses, you don’t even have to solve a puzzle. I believe most of us wouldn’t pay to get those apps but since its free, we might find some use for it. Here’s the line up:

ShoveBox App IconShoveBox
ShoveBox catches all those little scraps of information that you can’t act on now but would rather not forget. It sits up in your menubar, waiting for you to drag in text, images, URLs, and more.
It’s much like having a cork board up on your wall and you can just pop something up there for later. Might be useful if you’re doing research or just need to be more organized.

Writeroom App IconWriteroom
WriteRoom is a simple, but powerful app that provides you with a distraction-free writing environment. WriteRoom does one main thing and does it incredibly well: It’s all about writing…
This is one app that I have been considering getting my hands on. I love the idea of being able to black out and just focus on your writing. There are freeware on the Windows platform but I missed it after switching to Mac. MacHeist just put a huge smile on my face.

Twitterrific App IconTwitterrific
Twitterrific is an exquisite app that enables you to make the most out of your Twitter experience. It has a clean user interface that’s designed to take up little of your precious desktop space.
I would have been a very happy man if I got this a few weeks back but after switching to Tweetie, there isn’t much of an incentive to head back since the ads in Tweetie are actually unobtrusive and nice.

TinyGrab App IconTinyGrab
TinyGrab is a simple, powerful app that enables you to quickly share screenshots of everything on your Mac.
Having an app for taking screenshots is a great idea and with how easy TinyGrab makes it, its hard not to. But sharing them, I haven’t really found a new to do too much of that.

Hordes of Orcs App IconHordes of Orcs
Hordes of Orcs is a Tower Defense strategy game where you build walls and towers to defend your village from orcs gone rogue.
This is an interesting one, its a game. I don’t think I will be using this as I like to leave my MacBook Pro for work and using it for games just feels like I’m abusing it. Another time maybe?

MarinerWrite App IconMariner Write
Now unlocked. But there are only hours left to get the nanoBundle!
Mariner Write is a fast, streamlined word processor that’s useful for everyone… professional writers, educators, students, casual computer users, and everyone in-between. It has a simple, elegant user interface so that you can create beautiful documents the very first time you start using it.
I would like to give this a shot and see how well it works. Having Pages and Word on my MacBook Pro seems like overload so this would have to be able to replace one of them to make a spot on my MacBook Pro.

I’m exploring the apps, starting with Writeroom, to see if they could earn a spot on my MacBook Pro. Some might not be that useful to me but given the option to get $154 worth of apps free, you must be crazy to pass it by. Getting the licenses and taking your time to check it out is totally worth the minutes you’ll need to get a MacHeist account. And you can contribute in the effort to unlock Mariner Write.


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