WordPress 2.0 for iPhone


Wordpress 2 for iPhoneChecking my tweeter feed was the first indication that WordPress 2.0 for iPhone was out. It’s a separate app from the previous WordPress app, its not very easy to notice and you’ll to download it again. Being a free app its a no brainer for those who are already using WordPress for iPhone.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cleaner interface, and more consistent controls with other apps. It feels faster than its previous incarnation and folder based navigation is replaced with the more common navigation button at the bottom of the screen. The refresh button is shifted from the bottom corner to the top of the page.

The huge ugly red delete button under the blog settings page is finally gone and replaced with the more popular method of sliding the entry to the left and the delete button appears.

Effort has definitely been spent in improving the moderation of comments as it’s probably what most people are using it for. Gravatars and author URLs now appear next to the comments. There is an option to filter just the pending comments to clean up your view. You still can’t edit comments, just approve or spam them.

The posts pages is quite the same, you still can’t view the status of the posts without opening them. I would appreciate if they split the posts according to their status like how they divide the Local Drafts and Online Posts. Writing posts doesn’t seem have changed from the previous version.

The Pages tab allows you to create or edit pages and its pretty much the same as WordPress 1.3 so no comments there.

Other points to note, the landscape option works much better now. It used to crash or glitch on me but it seems to be resolved now. The app opens in your previously viewed blog. Features highlighted on their blog are passwords are now stored in the keychain, autosave and restored of posts if network connection is lost, and fixes for connecting to self-hosted WordPress setups.

Couple more things to wish for, the ability to create new categories without being connected to the net. As most of you would know by now, I using an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone. I do my blogging, organizing my Things for iPhone, pretty much everything offline while on my bus ride home and sync everything once I get WiFi. The ability to work offline is a huge plus to every iPod Touch user. The ability to place photos in the middle of you post, it currently places them at the bottom of your post.


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