iPod Touch Stand


Paper iPhone Stand

I found these instructions and layout for a paper iPhone and iPod stand and just had to get it done. The instructions recommends 240-270gsm paper but I first tried it with 200gsm paper as i happened to have a few pieces on hand but it ended up way too flimsy and rendered it unusable. However you reinforce the back by cutting out two more strips and sliding them into the back of the stand.
I went out hunting for paper with a higher grammage and chanced upon something close to 400gsm. I can’t remember the actual gsm. It worked beautifully and is now sitting proudly next to my MacBookPro.
However, it has since semi-retired due to one very disappointing flaw. As you would be able to notice from the picture below, it places alot of strain on the usb cable when attached to the iPod.

Paper iPod Stand Side View

After a few weeks of consistent usage, the insulation of the cable began to tear apart due to the bending of the cable, exposing the internal wires. I stopped charging my iPod with stand fearing further damage to the cable. Now, my iPod Touch is usually placed on the stand in the horizontal position rather than the more popular upright position. But it still looks great.


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